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Anxious thoughts flood your mind out of nowhere.

“What’s wrong with me,” you think as your heart pounds in the supermarket’s produce aisle.

Sudden bouts of anxiety leave you feeling shaky with sweaty palms.

Then cold creeps in and you feel disconnected from yourself.

It’s gotten to the point where you don’t want to leave your house.

You can’t shake the feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

The world doesn’t feel safe.

Traditional therapy isn’t helping.

You still don’t feel like yourself.

You’re still suffering.

You’re using the tools you learned in therapy, but they’re not working.

Breathing helps sometimes, but it’s not enough to settle the roller coaster inside.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) addresses healing holistically.

When your body is traumatized, your nervous system is designed to fight, flee, or freeze. It’s possible to get stuck in one of these.

Traumatic experiences get trapped in your body, not just in your head.

Somatic Experiencing was developed for deep healing and resetting your nervous system.

We’ll use gentle exercises that tap into the healing wisdom of your body and holistically return your nervous system to baseline.

Somatic Experiencing provides profound results.

Experience spontaneous bouts of joy.

Feel empowered as you restore your internal trust and confidence.

Enjoy emotional freedom and return to the things you love.

Feel balanced in your personal life no matter what’s going on.

Learn tools to access a state of calm when you need it quickly.

You deserve a better life.

It’s exhausting to live in fear all the time.

Imagine being free of that fear once and for all.

Wake up full of trust and feel connected to your body again.

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