Individual Coaching

99170681Stuck in the Yuck!

Life is pretty good, except you keep falling flat in one area. If you could get this one area of life to move, it would make hopes and dreams blossom.

You know this part of your life needs to change. Every time it comes up, it’s uncomfortable, draining, and disheartening. It can drag your day down, making you question your worth, abilities, and relationships.

How you feel is a confidence buster, and maybe you are avoiding part of your life because this thing seems not to want to change. You know that you can do better than this if you can move this thing in the way of your growth.

“We can do more than we think we can, but we can’t do it alone.”
– Unknown

Get Unstuck!

You are not alone! And you were never really meant to be alone with this.

Sometimes, we need help to move our heaviest burdens. It is okay to ask for support!

You are capable of more than you think, and sometimes it takes another person recognizing this and holding you in the light of what you are capable of for you to see it. I will keep you in this light and work with you to move the obstacle that stands in the way of your heart song.

Together, we will build the life that makes your heart sing.

461831914How Coaching Works

Coaching is not therapy! While we may discuss the past as it relates to what is blocking you, we don’t focus on history. We focus on what moves you forward and aligns you with your desire. In the first session, we will discuss what is feeling stuck and, more importantly, what your heart desires.

We will do a visualization exercise inviting this aspiration to come into a relationship with you in an air of play rather than fight, shame, guilt, or whatever emotion may arise. In this session, we may also create a contract with a plan for how to work together.

435952018Our sessions will focus on your dreams.

Many coaching sessions are about setting and sticking to goals. They can feel harsh and shameful when not met. We will focus on being in the spirit of play in these sessions.

What might your life be like if it were different? We will work on building motivation and confidence to do something different. In our sessions, we might role-play or set out chairs for parts of ourselves to have a conversation.

We may draw, dance, experience something in our imagination, use our awareness to see patterns or look at your values and relationship with them. The possibilities are endless. We will create experiences that allow you to see yourself being, doing, and having what you desire.

It’s time to get unstuck by contacting me today.