Individual Therapy

1949404468It’s not working!

Friends on Facebook and Instagram are in meaningful relationships, getting married, and having babies. Some friends are getting new jobs, promoted, or taking that dream trip you always wanted.

Everyone is smiling, laughing, and joyful – you sit at home on your couch, wondering why life is passing you by.

Sure, you have tried to make changes, ended that dead-end relationship, changed jobs, and maybe even moved to a new state. But the more you change, the more it feels like things are doomed to keep repeating.

You have realized that you can’t outrun your problems. Something is missing!

The Work

This time it will be different! You have help because you have reached out and scheduled your first appointment.

You don’t have to try and figure things out on your own. A warm and compassionate person sits before you to help bring awareness to what is not working and what you can do about it.

Maybe you have gotten caught in a negative thought spiral that makes you feel worthless every time it is played like a broken record over and over. Perhaps a loved one is stomping on your dreams and devaluing what is essential to you. Maybe there has been a pattern of self-destructive behavior that feels out of control.

Whatever is present, we will greet it together and travel down the road of healing and lasting change.

665831503What happens in therapy?

In our first session, we will explore how your life feels. We want to identify what has not been working and how the past may have caused things not to work. After that, we will decide on some goals.

At the beginning of every session, I may summarize our work from the last week and ask if there have been new insights. I may ask about any awarenesses you have gained from doing homework assignments.

We may keep things loose, and I may open the space for you to bring what is on your heart and mind, or we may start the session with some drawing and creative self-expression. Every client is different, and we will tailor this to your needs.

During the session, I will share insights and observations, question internal conflicts, or work with you on an exercise where you can experience yourself differently. We base every intervention on what works well for you and what fits well with your goals.

Near the end of the session, we might recap what you learned and how you want to carry that into your life. We might set up additional opportunities to advance learning through homework. All options to continue the work are tailored to you.

1065271994A Life That Makes Your Heart Sing

Therapy is about finding yourself! Unapologetic, unbound by what others think, and unencumbered by past traumas. You see the jewel, your authentic voice, and your unique expression of self.

You gain insight into – what makes your heart sing. How do you want to live this precious life you have received?

Imagine the moment when you stand up and say, “Enough! I want to live to my full potential!” Now, imagine when you start taking steps in that direction!

Therapy can help you end cycles of what is not working and take steps toward what you want and who you are.