Online Therapy and Coaching

1550127368Life in the Fast Lane

You left work and are hurrying to be home. Traffic is a nightmare, and it seems like it is getting worse and worse these days. It takes longer than you thought to get home – so much for your transition time!

The therapy appointment is in an hour, and you must get across town. You drop off your work bag, change into more relaxed clothing, and grab a snack for the drive. Navigator informs you that you will make it in time if you leave right this minute.

So, you hop back in the car and get back into traffic, hoping you can make up a minute or two.

Traffic is flowing until it’s not. Report of a major accident ahead! Navigator rerouting! Now you are five minutes late! You take a big breath, “It’s only five minutes. I will text her and tell her I am running late.”

Finally, There – Stressed

You pull into the parking lot, hoping there is a spot up front. No luck! It looks like the place is busy today. You search the lot row by row until one spot becomes available in the fifth row. You dart into the spot, jump out of the car, slam the door, and take off at a run.

You get to the elevator, press the button, and pray it comes quickly. You can hear the elevator whir and ding as it stops at floors above. The elevator is taking too long, and her office is only up one flight of stairs. You decide to dash up the stairs.

The office door is already open in anticipation of your arrival. You walk in and sit on the couch, exhausted, anxious, and out of breath from your harrowing journey.

There was no time for you to collect your thoughts, and the session begins with just getting your nervous system to settle down from the hassle of getting there.

Online Img 2Teletherapy is Convenient

What if you did not have to go anywhere when you arrived home? Imagine the possibilities with time not spent in traffic! Here is how the story could have gone!

You arrive home from work. The traffic was terrible, but you put on your favorite songs and sang on the way home. There is no reason to stress; you don’t have a time commitment immediately.

As you walk in the door, stretching after that long drive, Fluffy, the dog, greets you. “Aww, sweet Fluffy!” You warmly embrace him as he welcomes you, change out of your work clothes and into your comfy clothes. You have plenty of time to relax before your session.

Time to Think and Prepare

While walking with Fluffy, you consider your previous therapy session and how you’ve applied last week’s insights.

As you walk and think, you notice the beauty around you as the days get warmer and tiny flower heads pop up from the ground. Spring has always made you feel joyful and energetic!

When you arrive home from your walk, you still have time left before your session, so you fix yourself a healthy snack and your favorite tea.

It is almost time!

You move over to the couch, wrap up in your coziest blanket, and invite Fluffy to curl beside you. You turn on your computer or tap an app to start the session with the discoveries you thought about while walking.

125095022Teletherapy is Effective

The world has changed because of the pandemic. During COVID, everything moved online: jobs, services, social life, dating, and therapy/coaching were no exception! I remember thinking to myself at the time, “Wow, this is going to impact the field,” and it did for the better!

Therapy is now more widely available than ever. Smaller communities have access to services they did not before. Families face less burden with travel and child care because of an appointment.

People with mobility issues or fear of leaving home can access care less stressfully. Immuno-compromised people can meet safely in groups. Appointments are easy to keep even if you are somewhere other than home, and you can schedule them on less-prime hours with a lunch break from work.

You can be where you want for your session.

Therapy is the same

One big thing we learned about serving clients online is that it is just as effective as seeing clients in person. A deep relationship with your therapist can still be developed in an online environment.

Therapists can still read body language, attune to your needs, and accurately listen with empathy and positive regard.

Our meetings are confidential and secure on a HIPAA-compliant site. All you need is a device (iPhone, tablet, laptop, or computer) that allows for an Internet connection and visual capabilities. Then you log in at our appointment, and the session begins.

I have you, whether in my office or laptop!

1985790143Meeting You Wherever You Are

Online therapy meets you where you are, when you are available, every time. I work with therapy clients all over Colorado, ranging from mountain regions (Vail, Steam Boat, Gunnison) to cities on the western slope (Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose) to southern Colorado (Manitou, Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Monument, Castle Rock, Durango), to eastern plains (Bennet, Limon, Fort Morgan) to the North (Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins), and the Metro area (Denver, Golden, Arvada, Aurora, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Parker, and Westminster). Wherever you are in Colorado, I am here for you.

Coaching is Anywhere, Anytime

As a coach, I can work with anyone, anywhere! I have worked with some coaching clients in Colorado and some out-of-state in an online format.

I am also available to coach people outside of the US.